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Naumann CreativeKashmir The Live Led Zeppelin Show

Kashmir The Live Led Zeppelin Show


I designed and created a brand new responsive WordPress website for Kashmir. This site features a 1 page layout that adapts to any devices and showcases videos(Which I also Art Directed), tour dates, picture gallery, synched to their Instagram, synched to their Facebook page and a contact us form. This allows the user to access everything that they need all on one page from any device. The website has helped to increase brand awareness of the band and has successfully increased the booking of theatres, venues and festivals for 2018.

I also created brand logo and design and create all marketing materials , social media ad campaigns, posters and T-shirts.

To visit Kashmir’s website, Click Here!

If you would like to know more about of my work with Kashmir,  Send me an email to schedule a presentation.


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