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Naumann CreativeCapital One Bank

Capital One Bank

Capital One

As the Digital Art Director for Capital One Bank small business, I created, managed and directed new initiatives and campaigns introducing animation , motion graphics and easier to follow interactivity across our web pages, social media and applications. I created concepts, mood boards, story boards, presentations, digital and interactive designs, new user interfaces and experiences for web pages and emails, landing pages, and animated and static rich media banners.

I forecasted the use of mini-videos and motion graphics in social media even before they were being used on Facebook and Twitter. I introduced new concepts using cinema-graphs, explainer videos and motion graphics to grab the users attention which are only now big eye grabbers on social media and stop the viewer dead in their tracks and direct them right to your ad.

I was invited to Facebook’s headquarters in Washington, DC  by my Director of Creative to join him as well as the top directors and managers at Capital One Small Business to spend a full day brain storming with their top creatives at Facebook to strategize and develop more engaging campaigns. As a result, my creative team and I contributed to winning 3 awards at The Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards in New York City.

If you would like to see more of my motion graphics, Flash and HTML5 animations that I created for Capital One, Send me an email to schedule a presentation.


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